First Quarter

Philadelphia: 24

Lakers: 25

Highlight Reel: Allen Iverson hits a driving layup to tie the score at 10-10 and after a Laker turnover, makes a between-the-legs, behind-the-back pass to Jumaine Jones for a three-point shot and a 13-10 76er lead.

It's Not in the Box Score: During a timeout with 6:40 left, 76er Coach Larry Brown never stopped talking to all of his players. Laker Coach Phil Jackson conferred with his assistants and spent little time with the players.

Winning Numbers: One--the number of turnovers for the Lakers. Three--the number of shots blocked by Shaquille O'Neal.

Wrong Numbers: One for six--O'Neal's shooting from the free throw line. And 0 for 3 with two personal fouls and one turnover--Rick Fox's numbers.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, Kobe Bryant 12, O'Neal 5; 76ers, Iverson 7, Dikembe Mutombo 6.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, O'Neal 6, Horace Grant and Fox 2 each; 76ers, Mutombo 6, Tyrone Hill and Aaron McKie 3 each.

Second Quarter

Philadelphia: 47

Lakers: 49

Highlight Reel: Bryant finds Ron Harper alone down low for an easy layup and a 47-45 Laker lead with 51.7 seconds left. Less than 30 seconds later, Bryant gets a pass from Brian Shaw and dunks on a breakaway.

It's Not in the Box Score: After a 10-3 Laker run tied the game at 43 late in the quarter, the crowd began to get excited and started loud chants of "Dee-fense! Dee-fense!"

Winning Numbers: 22-8--the margin by which the Lakers outscored the 76ers in the paint in the second quarter. That gave them a 30-14 edge in the half.

Wrong Numbers: 0--The number of three-point shots the Lakers made in seven attempts in the half. Also, the number of minutes Grant played in the quarter.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, O'Neal 12, Bryant and Robert Horry four each; 76ers, Todd MacCulloch seven, McKie six.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, O'Neal, seven, Horry three; 76ers, Mutombo two, Matt Geiger two.

Third Quarter

Philadelphia: 67

Lakers: 77

Highlight Reel: O'Neal elevated to make a huge block on a layup attempted by Iverson, swatting the ball with his right hand.

It's Not in the Box Score: Usually oh-so-star conscious, the Lakers' game presentation staff realized this was a game and not a photo op. There are none of the usual shots on the video board of celebrities pretending to be surprised.

Winning Numbers: 5--the number of shots O'Neal blocked in the quarter for a total of eight, tying the record for most blocks by a player in one game in the Finals.

Wrong Numbers: 1--the number of technical fouls assessed against Iverson. He complained too loudly about being fouled on a three-point attempt just before the buzzer and had to be restrained from going after one of the officials.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, Bryant 10, Derek Fisher and O'Neal seven each; 76ers, Mutombo six, MacCulloch six.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, O'Neal four; 76ers, Tyrone Hill, McKie, MacCulloch two each.


Fourth Quarter

Philadelphia: 89

Lakers: 98

Highlight Reel: The 76ers were coming back, with slightly more than two minutes left, when O'Neal passed to Fisher, who sank a 25-footer to pad the Lakers' lead to 92-86 with 2:09 to play.

It's Not in the Box Score: Iverson never quit--physically or verbally. He and Bryant jawed at each other with 19.1 seconds left, and McKie at the free throw line, but Fisher stepped between them. They renewed hostilities after Fisher walked away, but nothing came of it.

Winning Numbers: 10--defensive rebounds by the Lakers. 7--assists by the Lakers.

Wrong Numbers: 0 for 2--Iverson's free-throw shooting failure with 3:02 to go and a chance to narrow the Lakers' 89-84 lead.

Leading Scorers: Lakers, Bryant five, O'Neal and Shaw four each; 76ers, Iverson eight, Eric Snow six.

Leading Rebounders: Lakers, O'Neal three, Fox, Bryant and Shaw two each; 76ers, Mutombo, four, Iverson two.

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