My Favorite Weekend: Constance Marie


TWO series, two television roles divided into one actress equals: Constance Marie, who plays Nina in the PBS TV series “American Family” and Angie in the ABC comedy “George Lopez.”

Progressive morning reading

I start my day in bed with the newspaper, then I finish reading it at the Literati Cafe in Brentwood. Generally, I try to be very healthy and I love to drink organic coffee, so I have a half-decaf, half-soy latte. I’m in the zone all week, so on weekends I eat everything -- I have a waffle and eggs.

Veggie dog and roses

Later I might go to the Santa Monica Promenade and see a movie and do a little shopping. Then I go to the corn-dog place in the mall. I’m a vegetarian, so I have a veggie dog. I stopped eating meat about six years ago, when I was working on the movie “Selena.” During the shoot, I had to hold a chicken for five hours -- if you hold it and feel its little heart beating for hours, you just can’t think about eating it. I do eat fish and eggs to keep up my protein intake, because when you’re on location in Chicago or somewhere and you ask for soy, they think you’re insane.


Then if this is my ideal weekend, I go to Pentola in Santa Monica and have a Cosmopolitan and calamari or I might go to El Dorado in Brentwood for the chips and guacamole; they are really good there. And if this is my fantasy weekend, I have a pint of Haagen Daz ice cream.

If it’s a Sunday, I go to Santa Monica Farmers Market -- you can buy 20 roses for $6 -- there are great prices. Sometimes I take my grand-goddaughter, Deja, to ride the ponies there.

After tea, some spinach dumplings

If I’m feeling sluggish, I go to ZenZoo Tea -- I’m addicted to yerba mate or “the rooster.” It’s tea from Paraguay; I get it with soy and honey with ice, to go. Sometimes I have spinach dumplings. Two orders of them and boom -- you’re ready to go.

Yoga: I like the teacher

If I’m feeling active, I may hike at Will Rogers (State Historic) Park or take a yoga class to focus on something other than the industry. My class? It’s in my home -- I’ve got a yoga room.

My teacher? He’s my boyfriend, who teaches ballplayers -- like members of the Phoenix Suns -- how to relax with yoga.

But I’m a homebody, so more than anything, I love to come back home and just lie in bed and relax.


-- Carolyn Patricia Scott