HBO, NBC Are Big Winners in First Wave of Emmys


NBC’s “Opening Ceremony of the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games” and HBO’s quirky drama “Six Feet Under” were among the big winners Saturday as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented its first round of Emmy Awards, primarily honoring achievement behind the cameras.

The broadcast of the opening ceremony won six Emmys, while “Six Feet Under” picked up five during the Shrine Auditorium gala, which presented awards in 61 categories. Emmys in 27 more categories, including programming and acting divisions, will be presented at the Shrine on Sunday in ceremonies that will air on NBC at 8 p.m.

HBO and NBC collected the most trophies Saturday. The cable network nabbed 16 Emmys while NBC took home 15. ABC, Fox and A&E; followed with five each.

Here is the complete list of Saturday’s winners. The ceremonies will be shown next Saturday on E! Entertainment at 8 p.m.


Classical music-dance program: “Sweeney Todd in Concert,” PBS.


Children’s program: “Nick News Special Edition: Faces of Hope: The Kids of Afghanistan,” Nickelodeon.

Nonfiction special: “9/11,” CBS.

Nonfiction series: “Biography,” A&E.;

Nonfiction program (reality): “The Osbournes,” MTV.

Nonfiction program (special class): “The West Wing: Documentary Special,” NBC.

Animated program (one hour or

less): “Futurama,” Fox.

Animated program (one hour or

more): “Walking With Prehistoric Beasts,” Discovery.

Commercial: “Move,” Nike, Weiden & Kennedy.


Guest actor in a comedy series: Anthony LaPaglia, “Frasier,” NBC.

Guest actress in a comedy series: Cloris Leachman, “Malcolm in the Middle,” Fox.

Guest actor in a drama series: Charles S. Dutton, “The Practice,” ABC.

Guest actress in a drama series: Patricia Clarkson, “Six Feet Under,” HBO.

Voice-over performance: Pamela Segall Dixon, “King of the Hill,” Fox; Peter Macon, “Animated Tales of the World,” HBO.

Nonfiction Programming

Cinematography: Doug Allen, Simon Carroll, Bob Cranston, Mike deGruy, Yuri Farrant, Tom Fitz, Mark Gottlieb, Simon King, Ian McCarthy, Charles Maxwell, Didier Noirot, Michael Pitts, Rick Rosenthal, Peter Scoones, Paul Stewart, “Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Ocean World),” Discovery.

Sound mixing: Grant Maxwell, Ken Hahn, Danny Caccavo, “9/11,” CBS.

Sound editing: Michael Payne, David Esparza, Nancy Nugent, Jonathon Wareham, “When Dinosaurs Roamed America,” Discovery.

Picture editing: Paula Heredia, Geof Bartz, “In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01,” HBO.

Art Direction

Multi-camera series: Glenda Rovello, Melinda Ritz, “Will & Grace,” NBC.

Single-camera series: Scott Chambliss, Cece Destefano, Karen Manthey, “Alias,” ABC.

Miniseries, movie or special: Rob Pearson, Marc Dabe, Leslie Frankenheimer, “James Dean,” TNT.

Variety or music program: Jeremy Railton, Richard Schreiber, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.


Multi-camera series: Tony Askins, “Will & Grace (A Chorus Lie),” NBC.

Single-camera series: Michael Bonvillain, “Alias (Truth Be Told),” ABC.

Miniseries or movie: Henry Braham, “Shackleton (Part 2),” A&E.;


Comedy series: Jennifer McNamara, “Sex and the City,” HBO.

Drama series: Junie Lowry-Johnson, Libby Goldstein, Julie Tucker, “Six Feet Under,” HBO.

Miniseries, movie or special: Meg Liberman, Cami Patton, Angela Terry, Gary Davy, Suzanne M. Smith, “Band of Brothers,” HBO.


Debra Brown, “The 74th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC; Kenny Ortega, Sarah Kawahara, Doug Jack, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.


Series: Patricia Field, Rebecca Weinberg, Artie Hach, Eric Daman, Molly Rogers, Mark Agnes, “Sex and the City (Defining Moments),” HBO.

Miniseries, movie or special: Maria Price, Zoe Porter, “Victoria and Albert (Part 1),” A&E.;

Costume design, variety or music program: Michael Curry, Peter Minshall, Pete Menefee, Tim Wonsik, David Profeta, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.

Picture Editing

Single-camera, series: Chris Willingham, “24 (7-8 a.m.),” Fox.

Single-camera, miniseries, movie or special: Frances Parker, “Band of Brothers (Part 2: Day of Days),” HBO.

Multi-camera, series: Ron Volk, “Frasier (The Proposal),” NBC; Stephen Prime, “Friends (The One With the Rumor),” NBC.

Multi-camera, miniseries, movie or special: Scott C. Wilson, “A&E; in Concert: Sting in Tuscany ... All This Time,” A&E.;


Series (prosthetic): Dan Rebert, Thom Floutz, Todd Masters, Scott Tebeau, Donna-Lou Henderson, Justin Henderson, Kylie Bell, “Six Feet Under (A Private Life),” HBO.

Series (non-prosthetic): Nick Pagliaro, John Goodwin, Melanie Levitt, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Slaves of Las Vegas),” CBS.

Miniseries, movie or special (prosthetic): Daniel Auber, Stephan Bettles, John Cormican, Chris Fitzgerald, “Jim Henson’s Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (Part 2),” CBS.

Miniseries, movie or special (non-prosthetic): Polly Earnshaw, “The Mists of Avalon (Part 1),” TNT.


Series: Michael Moore, Gloria Pasqua Casny, Roma Goddard, Laura Connolly, Cheri Ruff, “Enterprise (Two Days and Two Nights),” UPN.

Miniseries, movie or special: Regan Noble, “Anne Rice’s The Feast of All Saints (Part 1),” Showtime.


Music composition, series (dramatic underscore): George Fenton, “Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Ocean World),” Discovery.

Music composition, miniseries, movie or special (dramatic underscore): Adrian Johnson, “Shackleton (Part 2),” A&E.;

Music direction: Mark Watters, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.

Music and lyrics: Walter Murphy, Seth MacFarlane, “You’ve Got a Lot to See” from “Family Guy (Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows),” Fox.

Main title theme music: Thomas Newman, “Six Feet Under,” HBO.


Editing, series: Michael E. Lawshe, Timothy A. Cleveland, Paul J. Diller, Adam Johnston, Otis Van Osten, Andrew Somers, Karyn Foster, Jessica Dickson, Karen Spangenberg, Chris McGeary, Casey Crabtree, Mike Crabtree, “Smallville (Pilot),” WB.

Editing, miniseries, movie or special: Alexander Campbell Askew, Paul Conway, James Boyle, Ross Adams, Andrew Kennedy, Howard Halsall, Robert Gavin, Graham Peters, Mike Higham, Dashielle Rae, Andi Derrick, Peter Burgis, “Band of Brothers (Part 2: Day of Days),” HBO.

Editing, nonfiction programming (single or multi-camera): Michael Payne, David Esparza, Nancy Nugent, Jonathon Wareham, “When Dinosaurs Roamed America,” Discovery.

Mixing, single-camera series: James Clark, Michael E. Jiron, Dave Concors, Michael J. Brooks, “ER (Partly Cloudly, Chance of Rain),” NBC.

Mixing, single-camera miniseries or movie: Colin Charles, Mike Dowson, Mark Taylor, “Band of Brothers (Part 3: Carentan),” HBO.

Mixing, multi-camera series or special: Dana Mark McClure, Thomas J. Huth, Andre Caporaso, Robert C. Douglass, “Frasier (Bla-Z-Boy),” NBC.

Mixing, variety or music series or special: Paul Sandweiss, Al Centralla, Biff Dawes, Jay Vicari, John Harris, “America: A Tribute to Heroes”; Edward J. Greene, Patrick Baltzell, David Greene, Shaun Murphy, Joel Iwataki, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.

Visual Effects

Series: Dan Curry, Ronald B. Moore, Arthur Codron, Elizabeth Castro, Paul Hill, Steven Fong, Gregory Rainoff, Robert Bonchune, David Morton, “Enterprise (Broken Bow),” UPN.

Miniseries, movie or special: Mike McGee, Tim Webber, Pedro Sabrosa, Michael Eames, Alec Knox, Craig Lyn, Ben Morris, Quentin Miles, Dadi Einarsonn, “Dinotopia (Part 3),” ABC.

Stunt Coordination

Steve Griffin, “Uprising (Part 2),” NBC.

Technical Direction

Technical direction/camera work/video, series: Steven Cimino, Jan Kasoff, Michael Bennett, Richard B. Fox, Carl Eckett, John Pinto, Susan Noll, Frank Grisanti, “Saturday Night Live (Britney Spears),” NBC.

Technical direction/camera work/video, miniseries, movie or special: Keith Winikoff, Ted Ashton, Bill Chaikowski, Rocky Danielson, David Eastwood, Tom Geren, Bobby Highton, David Hilmer, Marc Hunter, Ernie Jew, Jay Kulick, Dave Levisohn, Jay Millard, Jeff Muhlstock, Lyn Noland, Kenneth Patterson, Bill Philbin, David Plakos, Brian Reason, Chris Rhodes, Jofre Rosera, Gordie Saiger, Steven Theodore, Mark Whitman, Mark Sanford, Steve Berry, Guy Jones, Chuck Reilly, “Britney Spears Live From Las Vegas,” HBO.


Lighting direction (electronic, multi-camera): Robert Dickinson, David Grill, Andy O’Reilly, “Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games,” NBC.

Main title design: Paul Matthaeus, Danny Yount, Eric S. Anderson, Scott Hudziak, “Six Feet Under,” HBO.

Achievement in animation: Maciek Albrecht, “Twas The Night,” HBO; Andrey Zolotukhin, “Animated Tales of the World,” HBO.