Traffic Incident Puts Moss in Jail

From Associated Press

Minnesota Viking receiver Randy Moss was arrested Tuesday after being accused of bumping a traffic control agent with his car.

The 27-year-old agent stepped in front of Moss to stop him from making an illegal turn in downtown Minneapolis, and Moss used his car to slowly push the officer for half a block along the street, stopping when she fell to the ground, police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington said.

Barrington said the agent, a city employee but not a police officer, was not seriously hurt.


Moss was in jail on suspicion of assault with a dangerous weapon, a felony. Barrington said the county attorney would consider charges today, and it was unclear whether Moss would be allowed to post bail Tuesday night.

“He’s going to be treated like anybody else,” Barrington said.

The Vikings said the team wouldn’t comment about the incident until it had gathered more information.

Jerry Hullerman, 46, said he was parked near the intersection.

“I saw a really decked-out Lexus pushing the traffic person along,” said Hullerman, who was interviewed by police. “It was really surreal.”

He said the agent was facing forward while sitting on the front of the car with one hand on the hood and the other hand on her radio as the car pushed her along. After a few seconds, Hullerman said, “she fell flat on her face,” and the driver didn’t get out of his car.

Hullerman said officers arrived and took Moss into custody.

Moss has been in trouble before. He squirted a referee with a water bottle in 1999 and was fined $25,000 by the NFL, and he abused corporate sponsors on the team bus in 2001 and was fined $15,000 by the Vikings, who forced him to attend anger management classes.