When It Comes to Salad, He Has a Souper Idea

I am interested in forming a club for people who believe the same as I do. My good wife and I eat in restaurants quite often. I've noticed that the salads are often made of very small pieces of lettuce, etc. It is often difficult to eat them with a fork. Therefore, I've taken to eating such salads with a soup spoon. When I do this, my good wife and other eating companions often frown at me.

When I eat soup, after I have eaten all of the solid parts, I lift up the soup bowl and drink the remaining liquid. Once again, my good wife and other eating companions frown at me. I would like to form a club for people who agree with me that certain salads are best eaten with a soup spoon and who believe that one should be able to drink the liquid soup after all of the solids have been eaten.

Milton Fenton

Valley Village

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