'Tweaking' Possible, but Playoff Unlikely

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Bowl championship series coordinator Michael Tranghese said Friday that college football is not likely headed to a full-blown playoff system after the current BCS contract expires after the 2005 season.

"I just don't get a sense from [college] presidents that they want a playoff," Tranghese said at the annual meeting of the Football Writers Assn. of America. "I just don't hear them talking about it."

Tranghese, who also serves as commissioner of the Big East Conference, said he is going to form an advisory committee of college presidents to discuss all football-related issues.

He said he wanted to have a plan in place before the BCS begins contract negotiations with ABC in the fall of 2005.

The BCS was formed in 1998 to pair the top two schools for a national championship game. Before 1998, the old bowl system often denied a pairing of No. 1 vs. No. 2 because schools were contractually tied to certain bowls.

Asked what BCS changes might be in store after 2005, Tranghese said, "it could be the status quo plus some tweaking."

One possible scenario being discussed is something called "BCS-plus," which would pit the top two teams in a national title game after the four BCS bowls -- Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange -- are played.

But those discussions are only in the preliminary stages.


Before the game, Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel, who is conservative by nature, promised his players he would style his hair in cornrows if the Buckeyes beat Miami.


After Ohio State's 31-24 win in double overtime, Tressel said he would keep his promise.

"I've got to get my hair a little longer," he said. "I'm going to grow it out a couple days and I'm going to have to get some cornrows. Gray cornrows."


Miami tight end Kellen Winslow set a Fiesta Bowl record with 11 receptions, surpassing the mark of 10 set last year by Colorado tight end Daniel Graham.

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