Davis Is Wrong -- Recall Is About Him

Re "Davis Seeks to Rally His Base," July 20: Our governor -- who says the recall is all about a woman's right to choose, public education, saving the coastline and not about a man -- is wrong again. It is about a man who raises funds for his own political use from every union and major corporate lobbyist and finds himself in great economic/political shape while mismanaging and nearly bankrupting the economy of our great state.

Originally I opposed the recall, but now I support it. Gov. Gray Davis needs to go. Those who cry foul because of the recall can always take a shot at amending the California Constitution.

Joseph Mize



Davis said, "This is not simply about me" and "This is all about Californians who believe in a progressive agenda." No, it is simply about Davis, who has mortgaged our future in high-cost electricity contracts and fiscal mismanagement. And no, it is not about a progressive agenda but about bringing in people who know how to run the business of California in a sound manner. It is discouraging, however, to see the alliance of Democratic Party leaders forming around him. Perhaps they should be recalled.

Michael Carrigan



We are supposed to live in a representative republic. We are supposed to elect people to make decisions for us. You want to save California? Get rid of the initiative system and force the elected officials to do their jobs. And Proposition 13 should be first on the list of initiatives to get rid of.

Oh, by the way, if Davis is recalled I will begin a drive the next day to recall whoever takes his place. This'll be fun!

Ron Green

Woodland Hills


Re "Recall Foes Get Double Setback," July 19: California law requires that signature gatherers for petitions be state residents. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has said that it's his office's policy to accept signatures on petitions even if the people circulating the petition are not state residents. Shelley is hence violating California state law. If it's a bad law, the Legislature should amend or repeal it. Otherwise, or until that's done, the law must be followed. Are there any other laws that Shelley chooses to ignore?

Arman Afagh

Fountain Valley


How dare Democratic National Committee head Terry McAuliffe try to dictate to California the choice of potential candidates for governor by insisting that there would be no Democrat on the ballot (July 18). When will the federal and state Democratic leadership realize that the recall is not a right-wing power grab by a limited number of Republican operatives but a legitimate effort by the people of California to rid themselves of a grossly negligent governor? If Democrats heed McAuliffe's strategy and fail to place a qualified individual on the ballot, the result will be the recall of Davis and the election of a "Republican by default." California deserves nothing less than a ballot filled with choices of Democrats, Republicans and others qualified to help lead us out of the current crisis.

Michael Stryer

Pacific Palisades


I am one of those who signed a petition to recall Davis because I believe anyone, whether Democrat, Republican or independent, will be a breath of fresh air in the replacement of the sleazy Davis. Anyone, that is, except Bill Simon.

In his recent try for the governorship, Simon proved himself to be an immature politician with less than a creditable business and managerial background. Had the Republicans given us someone other than Simon, we would have gotten rid of Davis then.

Let's hope that all of the parties will place their best-qualified candidates on the replacement ballot. I have faith that we will all support whoever wins to get California moving again.

Paul Kent


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