*--* 1 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Doubleday: $24.95) A 1 13 Louvre curator’s killing leads to clues hidden in Leonardo’s paintings and a secret society with something to hide

2 The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (Doubleday: 2 9 $21.95) A recent college grad puts up with a nightmare of a boss at a high-fashion magazine


3 Lake House by James Patterson (Little, Brown: $27.95) Six 9 2 children survive years of captivity and yearn to be with the couple who saved them in this sequel to “When the Wind Blows.”

4 The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (Little, Brown: $21.95) 3 52 A murdered girl tells the story of her grieving family still learning to cope, the killer and the detective who hunts him

5 The Face by Dean Koontz (Bantam: $26.95) The geeky 4 3 10-year-old son of a movie superstar faces a sinister kidnapper and has only his bodyguards, both dead and alive, to protect him

6 The King of Torts by John Grisham (Doubleday: $27.95) The 8 17 case of a young man charged in a street killing turns out to be tied to a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical giant


7 The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman (HarperCollins: 5 6 $25.95) Somebody’s skimming tribal funds, an undercover agent’s body turns up, and Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn are on the case

8 The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst (Little, Brown: -- 1 $21.95) A family’s dog is the only witness to a woman’s fatal fall from a tree. (Reviewed by Mark Rozzo, page 14.)

9 Bangkok 8 by John Burdett (Alfred A. Knopf: $24) A -- 1 Buddhist cop plunges into Thailand’s jade and sex trades to find out the circumstances surrounding some curious deaths from snakebite

10 The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey (Dutton: $23.95) A -- 3 Los Angeles television producer tries to piece her life back together after a mystery man tells her of her husband’s affair

11 Fluke by Christopher Moore (William Morrow: $23.95) A -- 1 marine biologist can’t resist pursuing a humpback whale with the words “bite me” written on its tail

12 Executive Power by Vince Flynn (Atria Books: $25) CIA 10 6 operative Mitch Rapp looks for an elusive mastermind with a plan for a Palestinian state that spells disaster for Israel and terrorists

13 Naked Prey by John Sandford (Putnam: $26.95) Lucas 6 5 Davenport delves into the deaths of a black man and a white woman found hanging from a tree in northern Minnesota

14 Maneater by Gigi Levangie Grazer (Simon & Schuster: 13 2 $23.95) A thirtysomething social climber is determined to have the wedding of the season; all she needs is a groom


15 Action! by Robert Cort (Random House: $24.95) The veteran 15 2 producer mixes real Hollywood royalty into this tale of a studio system scion turned movie mogul himself




*--* 1 Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & 12 2 Schuster: $28 ) The senator and former first lady’s memoirs, from her courtship with Bill Clinton to her rocky years in the White House

2 Moneyball by Michael Lewis (W.W. Norton: $24.95) How 1 5 Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s use of statistics helped transform major league castoffs into a winning franchise

3 An Unfinished Life by Robert Dallek (Little, Brown: $30) 2 5 JFK’s health, politics and love life are revealed through family papers and the insights of those close to him

4 The Teammates by David Halberstam (Hyperion: $22.95) The 3 4 lives and lifelong friendships of four ballplayers from the legendary 1940s Boston Red Sox


5 When Hollywood Had a King by Connie Bruck (Random House: 4 2 $29.95) The life and times of Hollywood power broker extraordinaire Lew Wasserman

6 Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel (Arcade: $27.95) A -- 8 son’s claims about his father in the infamous 1947 killing of a young woman in Los Angeles

7 Open by John Feinstein (Little, Brown: $25.95) The saga 15 3 of the first time that golf’s exclusive U.S. Open was held at a municipal course, New York’s Bethpage Black

8 The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren (Zondervan: 8 16 $19.99) How the principles of worship, community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism lead to a fulfilled life

9 Atkins for Life by Robert C. Atkins (St. Martin’s: 5 21 $24.95) The late physician’s mission against low-fat diets argues that carbohydrates are the true culprits in weight gain

10 Krakatoa by Simon Winchester (HarperCollins: $25.95) The -- 7 cataclysmic eruption in 1883 of a volcanic island in Indonesia and its aftereffects, felt the world over

11 Who’s Your Caddy? by Rick Reilly (Doubleday: $24.95) A -- 1 Sports Illustrated columnist lugged the golf bags of Jack Nicklaus, Deepak Chopra, Bob Newhart and others to glean their golf insights

12 Jarhead by Anthony Swofford (Scribner: $24) A blunt and -- 9 bittersweet Gulf War memoir from a former Marine sniper, recounting the loneliness and brutality of life as a soldier

13 Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser (Houghton Mifflin: $23) -- 3 A look at the underground economy of pornography, drugs and migrant labor

14 Shattered Love by Richard Chamberlain (ReganBooks: 7 2 $25.95) The star of “Dr. Kildare,” “The Thorn Birds” and “Shogun” tells of his career and spiritual journey through life

15 The Clinton Wars by Sidney Blumenthal (Farrar, Straus & -- 3 Giroux: $30) A former Clinton advisor makes his case that the president’s legacy contains more than Monica and impeachment