Let Freedom Fries Ring Throughout the Nation

Re "House Takes the French Out of Fries and Toast," March 12: Not only are French fries a Belgian invention, French toast is actually English pudding, and my French husband has never tasted it. I would laugh at the ignorance and immaturity, except this behavior is coming from people who lead my country. I have great tolerance and respect for France's opinions. I do not have tolerance for these seemingly small knee-jerk reactions.

I'm not sure how these congressmen think taking the word "French" out of our vocabularies will change the convictions of the French government, but I would remind them that there are more people in the U.S. who object to the war than all the people in France put together. If this country is to achieve peace in this world, and if it hopes to have any allies left, the leaders must remember that no one else is our puppet and that we must respect other points of view and avoid acts of petty exclusion.

Carolyn Troadec

Huntington Beach


I am so grateful that members of the House took the time to remove the word "French" from menu entries in a Capitol Hill cafeteria and replace it with "freedom." I'm sure that the time to do this, as well as call a news conference to promote it, was much more important than anything else affecting the nation's economy or security.

Ignoring the fact that neither the fries nor the toast are French in nature, will Russian dressing and vodka disappear next? Will BMWs and VWs be banned? Let's not forget Chinese food. It's time for our representatives to grow up and get on with important issues that affect our day-to-day lives, like health care and jobs. What a radical concept!

Les Hartzman

Sherman Oaks


What if I order "freedom salad dressing"? Will I be served Russian or French?

Tom Lincoln

Santa Monica


It is wonderful that we can change French fries to freedom fries in Washington. We should go a step further. At no cost to taxpayers we should find a large crowbar, get some Al Qaeda prisoners to uproot the Statue of Liberty, put it on a raft and float it back to the French!

Who needs to be reminded of civil liberties anyway at times like these? Then we can think about banning exotic F----- cuisine on the Martha Stewart and "Iron Chef" programs. Burgers and roast beef for me, anytime.

Murtadha Khakoo



OK, with the international tensions existing today, I can accept the "freedom fries" and even the "freedom toast." But I draw the line at "freedom kissing."

Is nothing sacred?

Pete Silk

San Gabriel

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