He’s Not Just Some Ducky-Come-Lately

Just a quick pop quiz for all the new Mighty Duck fans. Do you remember any of the following?

The Iceman ... the Decoys ... the “Rock the Pond” theme song ... that first 7-2 loss to Detroit (wasn’t that sweep extra sweet?) ... Stuuuuuuuu ... Kasatonov, Semenov, Yake, Valk, Corkum, Loney, etc.

How great it was to score that first goal (thanks Sean Hill) ... the look on Ron Wilson’s face after the first win ... the trip through Canada where we finally earned some respect.

I’m not going to whine about you not being a “true fan” if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I say there’s always room on the bandwagon. Just ask the Angels!


David Day


There is still a possibility that, at the same time, Southern California would have the baseball, basketball and hockey champions. Who needs the NFL?

Rama Rao


A poem to our front-running town:

They’ve frozen the Lakes

And jumped on the Ducks,


Strapped on the skates

And gone chasin’ pucks.

With our year-round flakes

And Zamboni trucks


We fans iced Shaq’s fate

And Fished out our luck.

Craig Tepper

Santa Monica