Oscar Event Price Tags Blow Values Away

I have just read "Oscar Gold Diggers" (Nov. 16) and can only wonder how to make sense of the world we live in: The price tag reported for a one-time appearance by one of these film stars represents fully twice what I make in a year. And I am a high school teacher, passionately engaged in a supposedly worthy line of work. How do people get away with charging $5,000 for a haircut? Or, for that matter, how do the stars get away with insisting that they can have their hair cut only by the stylist who charges $5,000?

When will this country get its priorities straight? All the political rhetoric in this state (and country) about the importance of education would make it seem as though we aspired to investing in what's important. So why can't we find ways to honor the hard work of teachers?

These figures insult anybody who works a hard day for a modest wage.

Katherine V. Halsey


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