Former Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich (Jacksonville) backed up Chad Pennington (New York Jets) for the Thundering Herd in 1998 and 1999. The two squared off against each other as starters Sunday in the Jets' 13-10 victory over the Jaguars. Both are former No. 1 picks: Pennington in 2000 and Leftwich in 2003. A look at the colleges that have produced the most opposing NFL quarterback combinations since 1970:

Note: Many tied with four.

*--* Quarterbacks Year of first meeting MICHIGAN, 6 Todd Collins (Buffalo) vs. Jim Harbaugh 1996 (Indianapolis) Todd Collins (Buffalo) vs. Elvis Grbac (Kansas 1997 City) Elvis Grbac (Kansas City) vs. Brian Griese 1999 (Denver) Elvis Grbac (Kansas City) vs. Jim Harbaugh 1999 (San Diego) Brian Griese (Denver) vs. Jim Harbaugh (San 2000 Diego) Tom Brady (New England) vs. Brian Griese 2001 (Denver) MIAMI, 5 Jim Kelly (Buffalo) vs. Bernie Kosar 1987 (Cleveland) Jim Kelly (Buffalo) vs. Vinny Testaverde 1988 (Tampa Bay) Bernie Kosar (Cleveland) vs. Vinny Testaverde 1989 (Tampa Bay) Jim Kelly (Buffalo) vs. Steve Walsh (Chicago) 1994 Craig Erickson (Miami) vs. Jim Kelly (Buffalo) 1996 WASHINGTON, 5 Warren Moon (Houston) vs. Steve Pelluer 1998 (Dallas) Hugh Millen (New England) vs. Warren Moon 1991 (Houston) Chris Chandler (Houston) vs. Warren Moon 1995 (Minnesota) Mark Brunell (Jacksonville) vs. Chris Chandler 1996 (Houston) Chris Chandler (Atlanta) vs. Billy Joe Hobert 1999 (New Orleans)


Source: NFL

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