Humans Encroaching on Animal Habitat


Re “Second Mountain Lion Spotted in Hiking Area,” Sept. 30: So the Department of Fish and Game has determined that the two mountain lions spotted in their natural habitat (also known as San Juan Capistrano) exhibited “aggressive” behavior and therefore must be euthanized.

First of all, mountain lions aren’t the cuddly cats we see in our local pet stores. These are wild animals and are aggressive by nature. Were they supposed to meow and ask their spotters for a nice warm bowl of milk?

Second, did it ever occur to anyone at the department that the reason we are spotting these animals is because of over- urbanization -- that the animals are running out of room now that we seem to be developing every last inch of rural California?


And I thought our Fish and Game personnel were supposed to be protecting our wildlife. I have a better idea ... maybe we should euthanize our Department of Fish and Game.

Donald Niren