Publisher wears ‘Halo’ proudly

From Reuters

“Master Chief” entered the record books close behind the former commander-in-chief this week, as book publisher Random House said first-day sales of the strategy guide for video game “Halo 2" were its biggest since the launch of Bill Clinton’s book “My Life.”

“The Official Halo 2 Guide” sold 270,000 copies on Tuesday, the same day the game launched with retail sales of more than $125 million, or more than 2 million units.

While the first day for the “Halo” guide was not enough to match the 400,000 copies sold of Clinton’s autobiography, it did outsell the first days of notable books from Random House such as Kitty Kelley’s “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty” and Donald Trump’s “Trump: Think Like a Billionaire.”