Oh, Those Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Here we are, in the middle of an exciting NFL season. Unbeaten teams are being upset. We are seeing new, thrilling players and plays constantly unfolding. So what is the large front-page photo on the Monday morning sports section? The Detroit Pistons! The Pittsburgh Steelers’ upset is relegated to the bottom right corner. The other exciting games, including San Diego’s victory, are somewhere inside.

Do you really think that Southern California sports Fans care more about the Pistons than the NFL? What were you thinking, or were you?

Ann Luke

Sierra Madre



The Nov. 8 edition of the sports section had a picture of the Pistons hoisting their “2004 World Champions” banner. With what has occurred at recent Olympic events as well as the rise of basketball throughout the world (not our world, but the real one), isn’t it about time that we start calling our basketball championship teams what they are, USA champions?

Paul Burns

Granada Hills