Locklear’s ‘Live’ slip-up doesn’t reflect well on her

Times Staff Writer

A simple story about her daughter’s dramatic flair got Heather Locklear into double trouble Monday during an appearance on “Live With Regis and Kelly.”

Locklear, who was in New York to promote her new television show, “LAX,” which premiered Monday night on NBC, had a Freudian slip of the worst kind. Describing her daughter’s fascination with the mirrors above Locklear and husband Richie Sambora’s canopy bed, Locklear mistakenly began to invoke the name of her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, caught herself, and set off the obscenity alarms by cursing at herself.

“To, to -- [bleeped expletive] -- oh shoot!” the actress said, before covering her face with her hands out of embarrassment.

“All I said was mirrors!” host Regis Philbin said, trying to ease her pain.


“We could probably bleep that out,” co-host Kelly Ripa assured.

“I said the wrong name, the wrong word, oh gosh!” a flustered Locklear responded. “I had this bed before -- oh my gosh, it had nothing to do with us.”

Locklear then composed herself and finished the point of the story, which was that her daughter has a penchant for staring at herself in the mirror while crying.

“All of that for that little crying story and yes, she has a dramatic flair,” said Locklear, who will probably have some explaining to do at home.


Locklear began the interview with a marital dig, complaining that Sambora, her husband of 10 years who lives part time in New Jersey, did not have the time to come see her while she was in New York.

Score one for karma.