*--* BIG DOGS 1. SAN ANTONIO Spurs now 8-2 on road and, as Clippers can tell you, on top of their game. (2) 2. DALLAS Fat and happy after 12-0 run, Mavericks lose in Charlotte and at home to Pistons. (1) 3. PHOENIX They're b-a-c-k. Suns look like scary old selves, averaging 117 in 9-0 run. (4) 4. LAKERS With 16 of 20 here, did what they had to do. Now to see what they can do. (3) 5. UTAH Sloan dying to get 1,000th win so everybody stops talking about it. (5) 6. DETROIT Just looked like old Pistons for first time, winning in Dallas, Orlando. (7) 7. ORLANDO Dwight Howard turns 21 as young Magic loses showdown with old Pistons. (6) 8. HOUSTON T-Mac's battle with himself continues as he scores 8-23-7-31-14-23-28. (8) MEDIUM-SIZE DOGS 9. CLEVELAND Larry Hughes back after missing 10 games because of his latest injury. (10) 10. DENVER 'Melo strips on way to dressing room after Nuggets blow big lead against Hawks. (9) 11. CLIPPERS Now minus-one in home losses/road wins, the same as the Lakers. (14) 12. MINNESOTA While everyone looks for a new home for KG, Timberwolves win four in a row. (19) 13. CHICAGO Comer: Third-year forward Luol Deng averaging 19 over his last 10 games. (18) 14. INDIANA Schedule stays tough till Jan. 20 with 23 of 39 on the road, and O'Neal's hurting. (11) 15. NEW ORLEANS With two starters out, Paul shows Lakers just how good he is. (15) 16. SACRAMENTO Kevin Martin, who averaged 23 in his first 12, is at 15 since. (12) 17. MIAMI Location, location, location: only half a game out of No. 8 in the East. (17) 18. GOLDEN STATE Bottom falls out as Warriors go 0-4, giving up 118 a night. (13) REBUILDING OR SHOULD BE 19. SEATTLE New owner Clay Bennett says shape up or he'll ship salaries out. (21) 20. WASHINGTON Wizards finally find someone (Knicks, 76ers) they can beat on the road. (20) 21. ATLANTA Now let's see what he's got: Marvin Williams back from broken finger. (25) 22. NEW JERSEY On the bright side, 157 in loss moves them from No. 21 to No. 12 in scoring. (16) 23. MILWAUKEE No biggie: Bogut, who averaged 9-7 as a rookie, is at 11-8 now. (26) 24. TORONTO Bargnani shows he can score (12 a game this month), if not rebound (2.7). (27) 25. NEW YORK At long last, Eddy: Curry scores at least 20 in nine consecutive games. (29) 26. BOSTON Came from 20 down to beat Nets, who had come from 17 down to beat them. (24) 27. PORTLAND Back home in Indiana, Randolph makes obscene gesture to fans. (23) 28. MEMPHIS In first good news in six months, Gasol cleared to rejoin practice. (30) 29. CHARLOTTE Consistency an issue: Morrison gets 26-13-27-22-6-23-2-4-2. (28) 30. PHILADELPHIA Sixers better get used to the basement because they might be here awhile. (22)


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