O.C. teens' car-egging plan ends in bigger mess

Times Staff Writer

Eighteen-year-old Elise Robles had some explaining to do to her parents.

The question: How did she wreck the front end of their 1999 Ford Concourse?

Her explanation: A teenage passenger had thrown an egg at a pickup truck, and it all ended when she drove into a house.

The incident occurred about 12:30 a.m. Monday as Robles and two friends drove through a Fullerton neighborhood looking for cars to egg, police said. The driver of the pickup "just happened to be a guy they felt they would like to throw eggs at," Fullerton Police Sgt. Mike MacDonald said.

But he didn't take too kindly to the bombardment, Robles told police, and he began following them. After being chased for several miles, Robles, of Fullerton, tried to turn left onto Lloyd Avenue but lost control and smashed into a house on the 1800 block of West Carol Drive, she told police.

"It was actually a garage converted into somebody's bedroom," Sgt. Linda King said. "The car went pretty deep into it."

No one was in the garage.

The driver of the pickup drove off, King said, and has not been heard from. The incident is under investigation to determine whether Robles should be cited.

"How'd you like to have to call your mom to explain?" King said.

There were no injuries in the crash, authorities said, although a 17-year-old girl in Robles' car was taken to the hospital after suffering an anxiety attack.



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