Einstein slips into Pasadena

Dec. 28, 1930: Pasadena planned to go to great lengths to please a famous visitor, The Times reported.

"When Dr. Albert Einstein arrives here New Year's Day, he will receive the most unusual tribute ever accorded a distinguished guest by any American city -- he will be left alone," the newspaper said.

"The famous physicist's hosts, Arthur H. Fleming, president of the board of trustees of the California Institute of Technology, and Henry M. Robinson, nationally known financier, are exerting every effort to make it possible for Dr. Einstein to 'be himself' during his visit."

Einstein was to attend no public events during his stay, The Times noted, although he would be the guest of honor at "two or more invitational affairs."

He also would not stay at the institute's Atheneum, whose suite was designed for visiting scientists.

His rented house, "the location of which is a carefully guarded secret, has been renovated and the furniture arranged to make Herr and Frau Einstein feel at home during their stay of from one to three months," The Times said.

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