Thinking of innocent, vulnerable children

Re “Ex-Priest Is Arrested in Abuse Case,” Jan. 20

After reading time and again about priests in the Los Angeles Archdiocese abusing children, I feel that the real culprit is Cardinal Roger Mahony. Over and over he has made poor choices to hide the dysfunctional side of the Catholic Church, hoping, and I’m sure praying, that if he sent these priests to other parishes, the problem would just go away.

As a third-grade teacher, it is painful for me to think of all the innocent, vulnerable children who were repeatedly abused. Once again, blame lies with the patriarchal, egotistical men in the Catholic Church who are unable to deal with their dysfunctional behavior. The horrible nightmare that then-priest Michael Baker and Mahony continually promulgated is unconscionable. Both are guilty, and both should be charged.


Los Angeles