Penalties Pile Up After Brawl

From the Associated Press

Of all the disturbing images from the sideline-clearing brawl between Miami and Florida International, swift and stern punishment was handed out Monday for the three that stood out the most:

* Miami’s Anthony Reddick wielding his helmet as a weapon and smashing it into an FIU player. His one-game suspension was increased to an indefinite one.

* FIU’s Chris Smith wrestling Miami holder Matt Perrelli down and appearing to punch him in the chin. Smith was dismissed.

* Marshall McDuffie Jr., Smith’s Golden Panthers teammate, then kicking Perrelli in the head. McDuffie was also thrown off the team.


FIU’s new sanctions also included 16 other players -- all were originally handed a one-game suspension. Now they have been given an indefinite suspension from the game.

“This is certainly embarrassing. It’s disgraceful. It’s amazing. I’ve run out of words,” FIU Coach Don Strock said. “There’s no place for it in college football or football period. This is way overboard. I apologize to all the fans of college football for this taking place.”

The two dismissed players will remain on scholarship at FIU.

Officials from Miami, FIU and the Atlantic Coast and Sun Belt conferences issued 31 one-game suspensions -- to 13 Hurricanes and 18 Golden Panthers -- late Sunday, while both schools warned further punishment was possible.

Miami Athletic Director Paul Dee and ACC Commissioner John Swofford decided Monday that Reddick -- who charged across the field within the first 30 seconds of the fight starting and swung his helmet wildly at FIU players, striking at least one -- merited more than the one-game suspension.

“Additional measures were needed,” Swofford said.

FIU said its suspended players all would have to complete 10 hours of anger management counseling and 50 hours of community service, plus would be on athletic probation for the remainder of the year.

Further, all FIU players and coaches will need to complete community service projects.


“This is something that’s not going to be tolerated,” FIU Athletic Director Pete Garcia said. “We’ve got to use this as an example to the young kids in South Florida and all over.”

Smith and McDuffie took shots at Perrelli shortly after the fight began with nine minutes left in the third quarter Saturday night.

Miami said it would order its suspended players to complete community service as well.

The brawl was the third on-field incident in Miami’s last seven games; the Hurricanes also fought with Louisiana State after losing last season’s Peach Bowl and trampled Louisville’s midfield Cardinals logo before playing there last month, an act viewed as taunting.


“The coaches will be held accountable for any violation of this principle,” Dee said.

Miami Coach Larry Coker was not available for comment Monday. He is scheduled to hold his regular weekly news conference today.

All of Miami’s suspended players will miss Saturday’s game at winless Duke.

FIU’s suspended players will miss the Golden Panthers’ next game Oct. 28 at Alabama -- at least.