Posh is off to slow start with some

Times Staff Writer

We’re thinking Victoria Beckham’s whole matching handbag thing isn’t going to catch on in L.A., but we’re digging the way David Beckham went native in cargo shorts and T-shirt when he went out for coffee.

Victoria is coming off as too eager in contrast to David, and the reviews of the NBC show “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America,” that aired Monday were not good.

The New York Post gave it no stars and didn’t buy Victoria’s feigned surprise that paparazzi met her at the airport.

“ ‘Maybe they thought Madonna was on the plane,’ she says, displaying modesty that is about as real as her hair color,” the Post review said.


The New York Times wasn’t any kinder.

“Mrs. Beckham, the once and future Spice Girl nicknamed Posh, is somewhat famous for being sort of famous, and is photographed a lot in Britain, a nation so open to media hypnosis that a Web site devoted to the ripening of a 44-pound wheel of cheddar has received more than a million Internet hits.”

That’s, by the way.

But The Times’ own “Day in L.A.” blogger, Christine Daniels, dealt the ultimate blow, calling Posh “more obsessed with the spotlight” than Tommy Lasorda -- who, by the way, had to ask staffers Victoria’s name twice when she showed up at a Dodger game.

“Thus informed, the Ageless Dodger Ambassador tried to roll out the old Lasorda charm. ‘You’re a beautiful lady,’ he told Victoria, ‘but you’re even more beautiful wearing that Dodgers jacket.’ ”

Quick, somebody find a Dodger Blue handbag.

Trivia time

This is a softball question, but it’s not that easy, so we’ll make it multiple choice.


How many of the 17 women on the U.S. team that won the World Cup of Softball Monday are from California?

A) 10

B) 13

C) 17


D) 9

As the Tide turns

With Nick Saban’s first season as Alabama’s football coach approaching, the regional sports network SportSouth has produced a special.

It’s called, “In My Own Words: Nick Saban.”



Saban, you might remember, was coach of the Miami Dolphins when he said, “I guess I have to say it. I am not going to be the Alabama coach.”

Soon after, he took the job -- and told reporters that Alabama will be his last job.

Write that in pencil.


Bench (re)marks

Now here’s a new take on Barry Bonds, courtesy of Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench, who called Bonds’ pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record “phenomenal,” despite allegations of steroid use.

“They still haven’t found him guilty of anything,” Bench said in comments reported by the Associated Press. “Have there been guys who are probably guilty? Probably so. And your wife has probably had a face-lift or [breast implants] or a tummy tuck. We’re all trying to do performance enhancement every day. Tiger Woods got LASIK surgery. Is that performance enhancing?”

Added Bench, who has a 1-year-old son and turns 60 in December: “If I could take HGH, I would in a heartbeat because I want to live longer.”


Hmmm....Wonder what Bench was taking when he made those remarks.

Peruvian punch

Kina Malpartida, a champion surfer turned boxer from Peru, will fight Crystal Morales of Lancaster on Thursday in the Battle in the Ballroom at the Irvine Marriott.

“I bet she catches any wave she wants,” promoter Roy Englebrecht said.


Trivia answer

B) 13.

Entering the Pan American Games competition in Rio de Janeiro, the California-dominated U.S. team had outscored its competition this year, 134-4.

And finally


Here’s one last Beckham note from “Day in L.A.”

“The Galaxy reporting that David Beckham is ‘day-to-day’ has sparked gasps from MLS staffers and big headlines from coast to coast, but, really, what’s the big deal? Aren’t we all day-to-day?”