Girl hurt by item cast from Kenny G’s home

Times Staff Writer

Nine-year-old Brooke Porter was enjoying a day at Malibu’s Little Dume Beach with her family last Saturday when it happened.

About 50 feet above the beach, someone threw objects from the bluff-top compound owned by musician Kenny G onto the sand below. Brooke was hit in the head, causing a scalp injury.

Now, L.A. County Sheriff’s detectives are trying to sort out what happened -- and who is to blame.

“The 9-year-old girl needed four stitches,” said Sheriff’s Capt. Thomas Martin of the Malibu/Lost Hills station.

Sheriff’s officials said they believe two teenagers on Kenny G’s property -- neither related to the saxophonist -- hurled the objects. But it’s unclear what was thrown. Martin said they could have been rocks -- or candy and energy bars.


The musician’s attorney said Kenny G’s wife paid the medical bill for the girl, but he said no rocks were thrown. Instead, the attorney said, Hershey’s Kisses and a PowerBar energy bar were thrown.

“I have been informed a PowerBar hit the girl accidentally on the head,” said attorney Lee Blackman, who added that the cliffs have signs warning of falling rocks. “It was just an accident.”

Brooke’s family is furious about the incident and the way the family of Kenny G -- whose real name is Kenny Gorelick -- allegedly handled the matter. They believe those on the bluff targeted Brooke and her brother, Chase, a 12-year-old with Down’s syndrome and autism.

“Brooke was bleeding profusely. She was covered in blood. My older daughter was screaming for us. She said some kids threw a rock that struck her sister from the home above,” said father Bart Porter, a San Dimas resident who was at the beach with his wife and three children. “It was a premeditated attack. Those kids had thrown the rocks earlier. Whether it is candy, an energy bar or rock, my daughter’s head was split open to the skull.”

After Brooke was hit, her mother rushed her to Malibu Urgent Care. Meanwhile, Porter said he and a friend went up to Kenny G’s home. He said he confronted Lyndie Benson, Kenny G’s wife.

“She demanded my name and phone number for her security people,” he said. “This is a public beach. This is America. But all round the beach there is MLO -- Malibu locals only.”

Blackman, Kenny G’s attorney, said Porter jumped the fence and scared the artist’s family and friends. He said Kenny G’s wife acted with compassion.

“My client, as soon she heard about the girl ... called Malibu Urgent Care and asked to speak to her mother and check on the child,” he said. “She paid the medical bill.”