Favre leaves door open to return


Would Brett Favre come out of retirement to play again?

In his latest public comments, the star quarterback said he’s retired for now but also that he “very well could be enticed” to return to Green Bay under the right circumstances.

“I guess my best response would be, right now, no,” Favre told the Sun-Herald in Biloxi, Miss., when asked if he’s coming back.

He spoke to sportswriter Al Jones, who is working with him on a book foreword.

But Favre conceded he might have a tough decision to make if, say, Green Bay called and asked him to come back because of team injuries.


“It would be hard to pass up, I guess,” he said. “ . . . It’s only speculating. I think the world of that team. I had a lot of fun, not only this year, but over my career. Those guys I played with this past year, a lot of young guys, a lot of fun.”

Favre told Jones that he wouldn’t want to return if he wasn’t in shape.

“It would be hard to go up there at 38,” he said. “It was hard to stay in shape. I say that, I worked out and I worked out hard. Week in and week out, I was just drained. . . .

“You just can’t show up and play.”