Umpires have issues with replay setup

From the Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Umpires want baseball to take another look at instant replay.

Umps said their governing board voted Tuesday to boycott a conference call with management intended to discuss implementing replay, angry that their concerns aren’t being addressed.

Major League Baseball responding by saying it canceled today’s call because it doesn’t have a replay agreement with the union.

“A lot of the procedural issues necessary for instant replay to be implemented need to be worked out,” World Umpires Assn. spokesman Lamell McMorris said.


Umpires say they’re unhappy that replay equipment is being installed away from the field in nearly all major league ballparks and say MLB wants to limit the number of umpires allowed to review replay monitors. They also aren’t pleased that MLB wants them to discuss the replays with umpire supervisors in New York before making a decision on whether to reverse a call.

They claim MLB may not be able to provide replays for some rescheduled games.