If you think Israelis don't know how to party, you haven't been to an Infected Mushroom gig. The raised-in-Haifa (but based in L.A.) duo, born Erez Aizen, left, and Amit Duvdevani, second from right, play a manic breed of trance music unlike anything in the current dance arena. Since 1996, the pair have built a following, thanks to their energetic shows, which feature live instrumentation and vocals augmenting their beats. Recently, Infected Mushroom added two new members (guitarist Tommy Cunningham, right, and percussionist Rogerio Jardim), making those shows even more rocking. 10 tonight, Tentation in Newport Beach. $20. (949) 660-1010. Also 10 p.m. Sat., Vanguard Hollywood. $25. (323) 463-3331

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