Is Clippers Curse lifted?

There is just no way that Baron Davis will be an impact player in the last years of his contract. He is possibly the best athlete in the NBA, and one of the gimpiest.

Baron is/was the most popular athlete in the Bay Area, and he will be sorely missed, but there were no calls or letters from fans in favor of a five-year offer from the Warriors. I’m afraid that this new contract of his, if true, will just be another extension of the Clippers Curse.

Broc Rossell

San Francisco


In the Clippers’ never-ending quest to achieve mediocrity, the one and only player to transcend the embarrassment with grace and humility has been Elton Brand.

So to the Clippers organization and its fans, it is time to let Elton Brand go. He had 16.4 million reasons to not opt out of the final year of his contract, yet he did. Though Elton continues to say the right things, leaving that kind of payday on the table sends a clear message: He wants out.

It is an insult for him to have to continue to play for an organization that is not committed to winning, and insists on surrounding him with a revolving door of role players and high-end journeymen (see Sam Cassell). Do a sign-and-trade if you must. Elton Brand is too great a player, and too good a person to have to wear a Clippers uniform for one more game.

Eric Kageyama



Got my annual call from an account executive about my Clippers season-ticket renewal this week.

This year it was a new AE (the old one couldn’t take it anymore and left for the Pacers) asking, “Did you hear the great news?”

I told him I’m not wasting $3,000 anymore on going to see 41 nights of “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.”


Paul Cockerill

Studio City