The Kings, again

As I sort through endless mailings asking me to purchase Kings season tickets, I have three questions for the organization:

1. If Marc Crawford is the wrong coach for the Kings, why did it take two months past season’s end to realize this?

2. Knowing the Kings were going to build with youth two years ago, why didn’t someone figure out Crawford was the wrong guy then?

3. With the same leadership that hired Crawford, why should I expect their next coaching hire to be any better?

Tim James


Is there a more inept sports franchise than our own Kings? They stumbled through another pathetic last-place season, had the gall to raise ticket prices under the guise of a soon-to-be higher payroll, did nothing for two months, and then fired coach Marc Crawford because he is a poor fit with the younger, cheaper players they want which will result in -- wait for it -- a lower payroll. Come again?


AEG -- Amazing Example of Greed.

Bevin Devries