See when Magee flees

"Maniac Magee"

Jerry Spinelli

When Jeffrey Magee was 3 years old, his parents died. So he had to live with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, who argue a lot. Then one day he runs away to the East End. He meets a girl named Amanda. If you want to know more, read the book.

Reviewed by Paloma, 11

Horace Mann Elementary



"Skeleton Key"

Anthony Horowitz

Fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is a spy working for MI6, an intelligence agency in London. He is bribed and tricked into a mission with two CIA agents, Glen Carver and Belinda Troy. The two agents die at the hands of General Alexei Sarov, who has fantasies of adopting Alex and becoming dictator of Russia. Will Alex stop him? Find out in this exciting spy novel.

Reviewed by Mya, 10

Los Angeles


"Night at the Museum"

Leslie Goldman

Larry has to pay his bills by Friday and he can't afford to. So he goes to the Natural History Museum to get a job as the night watchman. On his first night there, everything in the museum comes to life. He is scared, but he has to handle everything. Night after night, the same thing happens. He even meets Teddy Roosevelt and Sacajawea! One night, he takes his son, Nick, to work with him. They meet Ahkmenrah, the Egyptian king. The next night, Nick rides a T. rex.

I think this is a great book. I liked Larry in the book because he was always funny.

Reviewed by Emma, 9

Hope View School

Huntington Beach


"No Tooth, No Quarter!"

Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Once there was a tooth fairy who needed a very clean tooth to give to the queen or else the fairy queen will take away her wings. This is a very good book. You should read it because it is magical. Get to know the adventure of Charlie and his tooth fairy!

Reviewed by Leonardo, 7

Coeur d'Alene Elementary



"The First Morning"

Brenda Parkes

A spider, a fly and a rat try to get some light for their hometown. They have a plan. They go to the Sky King. He gives them three tasks. They complete the tasks. Then what happens? Read the book and find out.

Reviewed by Levon, 10

Horace Mann Elementary



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