Wow, that was over quickly

OK, so Tuesday we are treated to another alarmist article from Bill Plaschke proclaiming the Lakers watched Game 7 between San Antonio and New Orleans and all of a sudden lost their appetites. Because the Spurs were the one team who could derail their championship dreams, never mind Boston or Detroit, and the Lakers should now be worried that their run could end soon.

Then, after the Lakers come back from down 20 to beat an almost assuredly tired Spurs team who probably just ran out of gas at the end after their harrowing commute to Los Angeles Tuesday morning, the same Bill "flip-flopper" Plaschke proclaims the series all but over? Has he forgotten who the Spurs are already based on one bad loss in Game 1 on the road? Ask New Orleans if they can bounce back from getting their butts kicked. Man, I haven't seen anything flip that fast since I used to flip burgers at McDonald's when I was 15.

Danny Balber Jr.

Culver City

Is it just me or aren't we all a bit surprised that it has taken four months to find out that Andrew Bynum needs surgery? The injury has always been described as a bone bruise and a brief dislocation of the kneecap. Apparently, it is much worse than that. If the injury had been diagnosed properly, he would have had arthroscopic surgery and been back playing at full speed by now.

I find it hard to believe that with all of the "experts" brought in on this, that surgery wasn't a stronger consideration earlier on. I don't think we have been given the whole story here.

Sherwyn Drucker


Kobe Bryant deservedly won the NBA's most-valuable-player award for leading the Lakers to the top of the Western Conference.

But the most valuable player in terms of representing the decency of our country, or for standing up for humanity as a whole, is Ira Newble hands down.

Kevin Hood

Juneau, Alaska

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