'Sex' in theaters; chillin' w/chick-lit

All women will talk about: "Sex and the City: The Movie." Grab your girls and make a night of it. The ArcLight is hosting 21-and-over pre-parties for weekend screenings. Sixty bucks buys you a movie ticket and access to the bar, where you'll get two cocktails -- we see Cosmos in your future -- appetizers, a fedora and a martini glass. Mr. Big, sadly, not included. (Saturday and next Sunday)

...while some might talk about: "Chasing Harry Winston: A Novel." With the "Sex and the City" saga finally coming to a close, Lauren Weisberger, author of "The Devil Wears Prada," starts a new chapter about a trio of (younger) Manhattan ladies who promise to turn their lives around -- in a year. It's all very chick-lit, but what else is summer for? (Tuesday)

The cool kids will talk about: "Here I Stand." Usher is back, and now having David Archuletta mangle his hits isn't the only thing Chris Brown will need to worry about. But can Usher one-up Brown's chart-topping Jordin Sparks duet, "No Air," with the Beyonce-laden "Love in This Club, Part II"? (We think, most definitely). (Tuesday)

...while the retro crowd could talk about: "Bring Ya to the Brink." Like Madonna's ode to the club kids, "Hard Candy," Cyndi Lauper mines dance-floor beats with aplomb. Bypass her first single, "Same Ol' Story," and head straight for our favorite tracks: "High and Mighty" and "Rocking Chair," co-written by Basement Jaxx. (Tuesday)

We should talk about: "Bigger, Stronger, Faster*." Christopher Bell spent his childhood idolizing literal giants like Hulk Hogan and Sylvester Stallone, guys who later 'fessed to juicing their way to superstardom. His documentary examines steroid use in America (and among his own brothers) and even the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, makes a priceless cameo . . . sort of. (Friday)

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