‘Twilight’ stunts are a cut above

If you haven’t heard about “Twilight” until now, then all we can say is congratulations on emerging from that coma. The movie, based on the first book in a bestselling series of novels by Stephenie Meyer, is about a girl, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), who moves to the Northwest only to fall for the stunningly handsome and somewhat mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Edward’s secret? He’s a vampire, one in a “family” of such creatures who have extraordinary powers and have controlled their thirst for human blood -- but not the desire for it, putting Bella in danger as their mutual attraction grows.

Among Edward’s powers is the ability to race up trees as if he’s flying, which for Pattinson meant harnesses, pulleys, stunt doubles and awkward situations. Photographer David Strick was on location outside of Portland, Ore., earlier this year to capture the action as the Catherine Hardwicke movie was being shot, including some of Pattinson’s high-flying acrobatics.

The movie opens tonight with midnight shows at several theaters, most of which have been sold out for weeks.


-- Susan King

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