Glenn Close won last year's lead actress in a drama trophy, but that doesn't mean she's a lock to take it home again this year. She faces some stiff competition:

Sally Field Field won in this category for her role in ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" in 2007, making it her third Emmy win. She's also now got nine Emmy nods and is a two-time Oscar winner. That's gotta carry some weight in this race, doesn't it?

Mariska Hargitay Now with six nominations for her role on NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Hargitay clearly is appreciated by voters. But she's only been crowned once; is it time to quit inviting her to the ball?

Holly Hunter With seven nominations and two past wins for miniseries roles, Hunter isn't the most nominated, the most crowned, nor the most ignored nominee. So her chances with TNT's "Saving Grace"? It's a wobbler.

Elisabeth Moss Moss is the new kid on the block here. But in her short two seasons on the air with AMC's "Mad Men," her Peggy Olsen has become one of the show's most fascinating characters. And the series still has some buzz going for it.

Kyra Sedgwick She's been nominated for her role as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson on "The Closer" four times -- beginning with the show's first season on TNT -- without a win. Emmy may be ready to show her some love by now.

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