Q Excluding yourself and your own show, who would you like to see win on Emmy night?

"I would have to say Jon Hamm because AMC pays me mightily. No, he does a marvelous job. My character is more fun to play than Jon's because it's more open. I'm out there, and the range of emotions is all over the place. A character like Jon's is more difficult because it's more contained. The same goes for Gabriel Byrne. I hope Jon has an enjoyable time, but I'm not going to say that I hope he wins."

-- Bryan Cranston

"Breaking Bad"


"Michael Emerson because I'm such a huge fan of him as a human being. It was an honor to meet him over a year ago. And 'Lost' is also my favorite show of all time, so definitely Michael."

-- Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"


"Vanessa Williams. I think she's terrific in 'Ugly Betty.' Just terrific."

-- Kristen Chenowith

"Pushing Daisies"


"I really love what Alec Baldwin does. It's really special. He had me from the moment in the first season where Jack's talking to Liz Lemon and she says, 'You're wearing a tuxedo?' And he says, 'It's after 5, Lemon, what am I, a farmer?' . . . He delivered it with such aplomb."

-- Jim Parsons

"The Big Bang Theory"


"Bryan Cranston. I just like his work. He was the outsider, and he did win last year. There's nice subtlety in his work that I appreciate. There's a bunch of guys that weren't in the category that could be in it, too, like Denis Leary, Kiefer Sutherland. It's hard."

-- Simon Baker

"The Mentalist"

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