Who is protecting the children?

Re "Death shows system's weakness," Aug. 18

I am outraged at what this child suffered. Who is protecting these children from parents who cannot take care of themselves? How many more horrific stories before we commit to act on behalf of these children's welfare?

Victoria Lee-Jerrems

Van Nuys


The question I have for the Department of Children and Family Services is this: What does it take to trigger regular checkup visits for these tragic children? Couldn't a few volunteers with badges and digital cameras monitor them if the county can't?

Moira Clegg

Los Angeles


How can Children and Family Services Director Trish Ploehn invoke confidentiality in the case of a child who is already dead? Is there something else that can harm a murdered 4-year-old boy?

Hiding mismanagement or incompetence will only cause more tragedies. County supervisors call for "thorough investigation" after each publicized death, reports are issued, but after the furor subsides no remedial or punitive action is taken.

Andrew Tyszkiewicz

Rancho Palos Verdes

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