LAX flight schedule back to normal

Airlines flying out of Los Angeles International Airport resumed flights Sunday after canceling more than three dozen Saturday because of a massive storm on the East Coast.

But the cancellations caused significant delays as airlines played catch-up.

“The backup is for people who were originally scheduled for yesterday, who are now leaving today,” said Marshall Lowe, a spokesman for LAX.

Lowe said that “dozens” of flights were delayed, though he could not give a more specific number. He also was unable to say the average length of the delays. But the flight schedule had returned to normal by Sunday evening.

According to airport authorities, at least 38 flights that were headed from LAX to the East Coast were canceled Saturday because of the winter storm that dumped several inches of snow on New York, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, N.J., and elsewhere. The cancellations affected more than 6,000 passengers, airport authorities said.