Chart: Reaching the finals

Reaching the finals

Since World War II, Phil Jackson has won more titles than any pro coach of a major sports league in the U.S. The Lakers’ head coach is also close to matching another coaching record — reaching the most finals in his sport.

Coach; teams in finals; finals record; league; teams.

Scotty Bowman; 13; 9-4; NHL; Blues, Canadiens, Penguins, Red Wings, 1968-2002.

Phil Jackson; 12; 10-2; NBA; Bulls, Lakers, 1991-present.

Red Auerbach; 11; 9-2, NBA, Capitols, Celtics, 1949-1966.

Casey Stengel; 10; 7-3; MLB; Yankees, 1949-1960.

Pat Riley; 9; 5-4; NBA; Lakers, Knicks, Heat, 1982-2006.