Letters: Is Matt Kemp really the problem?

Two Dodgers employees received multiyear contract extensions this past off-season. Quiz: Which one lamented publicly the alleged failures of the other in stating, “Why is it? Because he got a new deal?”

The player, commenting on the GM who assembled a pitching staff worthy of triple-A ball? Or the GM, commenting on the player who lead the majors in runs scored and is in the top five in homers and RBIs?

If you answered the latter, welcome to L.A.'s nightmare.

Jeff Kahl

Aliso Viejo

By ripping Matt Kemp, at or near the top of the NL in many offensive categories, Ned Colletti continues to reaffirm that he has no clue what he’s doing as general manager. He should strive to be a steadying and mature influence for an organization going through a tumultuous period. By pointing the finger at Kemp, Colletti is diverting attention from his own lackluster performance in assembling the team. Whether that is his fault or McCourt’s, the blame should be placed on either (or both) of them.

Jonathan Zweig

Los Angeles

Not to worry, Mr. Colletti, the new contract you gave Matt Kemp is only chump change when compared to cash bailout you bestowed on Andruw Jones and Jason Schmidt. Both of those deals were a complete bust, as we all know. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see Kemp will more than live up to his deal, so go ahead and alienate both him and his agent. At the end of three years when he’s signed with another club, you can replace him with another washed-up has-been for a lot more money.

Dirk Hennesey

Granada Hills

Watching Matt Kemp in center field letting a ball get by him for a (generous) triple in the first inning against the Pirates, I couldn’t help but to think that Ned Colletti was actually rooting for that to happen. Way to go, Ned. You made your point. Or, did making your point actually make that happen?

Chris Hibler

Santa Clarita

Ned Colletti can whine all he wants about the team he has put together, which is akin to a cook complaining about the meal he just prepared.

He is the one that did absolutely nothing to improve this team, while the rest of the NL West teams did make improvements. The pitching is worse than thought, with apparently no plans to improve it.

You should have a mirror in your bathroom. Ned, take a good look.

Steve Owen

San Diego

Maybe “Manny being Manny” rubbed off a little more than was intended on Matt Kemp: “Just put up the numbers and someone will pay you millions.”

Kudos to Colletti for stating the obvious. As for Dave Stewart, why are you defending nonchalance? The great players never took a play off.

Dodgers fans everywhere want to see Matt Kemp become great and remain a Dodger.

Duane Mitchell


While I agree with Ned Colletti’s comments that maybe Matt Kemp and other young budding stars have become a little too full of themselves and parts of their game are off from last year, I also find it interesting when someone can only point the finger at others while absolving themselves of any responsibilities.

Ned and Frank McCourt did basically nothing to improve the club from last year other than give out some deserved pay raises or risk alienating their core of young players. Pitching was not improved; in fact, they let the most reliable starter leave.

While maybe the hitters are slumping the last week, the pitching has been shaky for the first month. I know where the fault for this lies, but obviously management does not own a mirror.

Harvey Hirsch

Sherman Oaks

In addition to watching a lot of sports with my 12-year-old son Jacob, I try to use the events that happen on and off the field as teaching tools.

In this spirit, we had a talk about what Ned Colletti did this week.

Here is my lesson to my son.

1. If you are angry or frustrated, take a “timeout” before you speak.

2. During your “timeout” think about what the likely result will likely happen if you say what you want to say, and decide if you want to anger your players and fans and make your manager’s job a whole lot more difficult.

3. If the answer to No. 2 is yes, go get lunch and jam something in your mouth that makes speaking difficult.

Hey Ned, as a veteran of all of Tiger Woods’ apology news conferences, I can’t wait to compare his to yours.

Larry Weiner

Culver City

Re: “Cold Dodgers, hot emotions”

Hey Joe, remind you of New York?

John R. Grush

Mission Viejo

A fine mess

I used to think it was wrong for the NBA to levy fines on coaches who criticize refs. Then I thought about it this way: Let’s say another large company, like Ford Motor Co, had one of its top 30 managers repeatedly disparage the company in the press, suggesting certain areas of the company were not on the up and up. That manager would not be fined a minuscule percentage of his pay. He would likely be fired and possibly never work in the industry again. Phil, if you think your claims are legit, provide your employer the evidence. Privately. Like a professional.

Joe Regan


Nearly every single head coach and GM in the NBA would want Kobe Bryant taking the shot with the game — or the championship — on the line. So Kobe haters, please go root for the Clippers in their annual visit to the lottery, and allow us true Lakers fans to root the incomparable Kobe and his teammates onward and upward toward what could be the most improbable and glorious repeat championship in the history of the NBA, broken finger, wrenched knee, pulled hamstring, killer instinct, all-world talent and all.

D. Duane Wall II


Thank you so very much. I was so desperately needing to find out what Ron Harper thought about these Lakers, because nobody represents the purple and gold as the Harp did. And let’s find out what Samaki Walker thinks as well.

Ben Wright

Oak Park


LeBron James claims because he continued playing with a painful elbow, “I’m a warrior. I play on.” Enough already! Soldiers, cops, firefighters, doctors and anyone else who puts their lives at risk for others are real warriors. James, Garnett and Kobe are highly paid athletes/entertainers who do what millions of ordinary Americans do every day, go to work (at much less pay) with aches and pains, sometimes almost debilitating pain.

All sports people, please get a perspective of what a real warrior is and stop with the cheap self-congratulating. It’s childish and takes away from the real heroes and warriors.

Keith Clarke


Bill Dwyre’s article on Pat Tillman was a beautiful thing. It should have been on the front page, not on C9. Thanks, Bill, for writing something of real value.

Sherwyn Drucker

Canoga Park

No crown yet

The only positives I can take from the Kings’ playoff elimination is that I won’t have to read any more self-congratulatory quotes from Tim Leiweke or ill-informed hockey columns from T.J. Simers. Mr. Leiweke, the Kings’ success this season was in spite of AEG, not because of it. They have lots of salary cap space to use over the summer to sign a free-agent scorer. Now is not the time to sit back and count your playoff revenue.

And Mr. Simers, here’s hoping you can find a slower-moving sport to comprehend because the intricacies of hockey are apparently too difficult for you to wrap your head around.

Andrea Freeman

Los Angeles

The Kings’ return to the playoffs this season was most welcome, but their first-round defeat to Vancouver was avoidable and falls on the shoulders of Coach Terry Murray and GM Dean Lombardi. Lombardi’s failure to acquire a capable backup goalie proved costly when Jonathan Quick wilted under the pressure down the stretch, and Murray’s frequent tinkering with the lines prevented the players from ever being comfortable with one another.

Here’s hoping that next season management can meet the same expectations that they require from their players.

Ian MacKinney


The Kings should have Bob Miller record, “The Kings are the Stanley Cup champions!” just in case the Kings don’t win the Cup during Miller’s career. Only Bob Miller should have the honor of saying it.

David Saw

Diamond Bar

Say hey, Mr. Mays

Taylor Mays’ diatribe against Pete Carroll for selecting Earl Thomas is misguided. Having witnessed every game in Mays’ USC career, it is obvious that great athleticism does not trump great playmaking! One interception in 2010 does not equate to a first-round draft choice. Pete Carroll did not cost Mays millions —his lack of impact plays did.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles

I’m a Trojans fan, but I have a suggestion for Taylor Mays: Just shut up and be thankful, you couldn’t have done better. You are going to be making huge sums of money playing pro football, and Mike Singletary will make you a much better player than Pete Carroll ever would have. Go 49ers!

Rick Beardsley

Woodland Hills

LenDale White? Anthony McCoy? Mike Williams? Wow, Pete Carroll really is putting together the USCeattle Seahawks.

Michael Beatrice



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