Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa cheer judge’s rejection of Prop. 8

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger praised a San Francisco’s judge decision throwing out California’s ban on same-sex marriage, saying it “affirms the full legal protections and safeguards I believe everyone deserves.”

“He heard in-depth arguments from both sides on fundamental questions of due process, equal protection and freedom from discrimination. There are strong feelings on both sides of this issue, and I am glad that all viewpoints were respected throughout the proceedings,” he said. “We should also recognize that there will continue to be different points of view in the wake of this decision.”

The governor added that the decision “provides an opportunity for all Californians to consider our history of leading the way to the future, and our growing reputation of treating all people and their relationships with equal respect and dignity.”

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also praised the ruling: “Because a judge had the courage to stand up for the constitution of the United States, prop 8 has been overturned!” he wrote on Twitter.