Lakers’ Andrew Bynum is good to go despite knee issue

Andrew Bynum got dressed before the game, slowly putting on his Lakers uniform.

It was a clear sign Bynum was going to play Tuesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks despite having admitted he felt pain in his right knee after practice Monday.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” Bynum said before he walked away.

Bynum had said after Sunday’s game in Toronto — his fourth game back after missing the first 24 while recovering from right knee surgery — that he felt pain in the knee and it was “sore.”

Fortunately, Bynum said, there hasn’t been any swelling in the knee.


Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said there have been no discussions with Bynum or the team’s trainers about his knee problem.

“He’s had some, obviously, stiffness for working out during the course of his rehab and training session,” Jackson said. “But he hasn’t mentioned [it] to me so we aren’t planning on doing anything different than what we’ve been doing.”

The plan had been to keep Bynum at around 18 minutes per game while he continues to improve his conditioning. He had six points and three rebounds in just under 18 minutes in the 98-79 loss to the Bucks at Staples Center.

“I don’t know about the exact minutes,” Jackson said. “But we’re going to play him in spurts during the course of the game.”

Bah, Humbug

Jackson is still not a fan of playing on Christmas. His Lakers will face the Miami Heat on Saturday at Staples Center.

Jackson recalled when there used to just be two games on Christmas. Now there are more.

“It’s like Christmas holidays don’t mean anything to them anymore,” Jackson lamented. “Just go out and play and entertain the TV [audience]. . . . It is what it is. We’ve got to go to work and make the best of it.”

Artest does PSA

Ron Artest is featured in a public service announcement to promote mental health awareness, called “You Can Do It.”

Artest donated $50,000 to Pacific Clinics and said the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health donated another $150,000 to the clinic in grant money.

“We’re not doing it for just one demographic,” Artest said.

Artest said he will have charity events in different cities, one of which will be Detroit.

“Of course Detroit because of the scar I left there,” Artest said, referring to the brawl he was involved in as a member of the Indiana Pacers during a game against the Pistons at Auburn Hills, Mich., in 2004. He was suspended for 75 games.

Film producer Gary Foster, who produced " The Soloist,” produced the PSA for Artest.

Artest, who said he has raised $546,012 in the raffle of his 2010 NBA championship ring, said he wants Foster to put him in one of his movies.

“Yeah, ‘Lost in The Triangle,’” Artest said, smiling.