Ballad of the year in moviegoing

What, gone so soon? How can this be?

Already, ’09’s end we see?

Was “Bride Wars” here one year ago?

Or just a nightmare? (Don’t say no.)


Twelve months of film can slip right by

As fast as zombie blood can fly.

But nonetheless, let’s take some time

And look back on the year -- in rhyme!

First let’s recall, with palms still damp

That “New Moon” tale of girl and vamp

(And on that note, a question keen:

Could Jacob beat up Wolverine?)


This year found friends both old and new:

The Hogwarts gang, the “Star Trek” crew,

The kids of “Fame,” that “Pelham” car,

The weird blue folk of “Avatar.”


The Watchmen lurked, the Chipmunks sang,

“Transformers” made -- what else? -- a bang.

Look -- Brüno! Sherlock! Tom Hanks’ hair!

And Sandra Bullock, everywhere!


"(500) Days” found lots of dates

Drew Barrymore wore roller skates

Judi Dench donned tights in “Nine”

A black cat spoke in “Coraline.”


“Soloist” starred Foxx and Downey

“Shopaholic” got all clowny

Crowe went old-school in “State of Play”

As for “Saw VI” -- oh, go away.


Let’s raise a festive New Year’s glass

To Meryl Streep, that fetching lass.

And let’s toast, with misspelled vino

Quentin “Basterds” Tarantino.


As always, a few flicks did tank

(Hey, where’d you go, Hilary Swank?)

And would someone please close the door

On “Final Destination 4"?


But ’09 brought its pleasures too:

“Bright Star” and “Up,” to name a few

Smooth “Mr. Fox,” in natty pants

Et, en français -- j’adore “La Danse”!


A year of tears, of song, of joke

(And endless cups of Diet Coke) --

So from the year’s vast filmic string

I hope a few made your heart sing.


As we look out to 2010

(What? Carrie Bradshaw? Yet again?)

Just one last rhyme, and then I’m done:

“Happy New Year, everyone!”


Moira Macdonald writes for the Seattle Times.