Bottom 10: St. Louis grabs top spot

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During their Super Bowl years a decade ago, the St. Louis Rams were called “the Greatest Show on Turf.” Now they’re the greatest show under turf.

The Lambs (1-15) were buried, 6-28, by San Francisco on Sunday to win the Bottom Ten title over Detroit (2-14), which deserves a career achievement award for going 2-30 over the last two years.

St. Louis’ offensive offense averaged just under 11 points per game, lowest in the league. The Lambs were even outscored this season by Oakland, which had the distinction of scoring one third-quarter touchdown all season.

The Raiders, who rested all their starters Sunday in the mistaken belief that they had qualified for the playoffs, were edged by Baltimore, 21-13.

And, finally, congratulations to Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler, who set a record for most touchdown passes thrown in meaningless games over a two-week span -- eight.

Wreck (Record) Last Loss Playoffs?
1. St. Louis (1-15) 6-28, San Francisco No
2. Detroit (2-14) 23-37, Chicago No
3. Washington (4-12) 20-23, San Diego No
4. Seattle (5-11) 13-17, Tennessee No
5. N.J. Giants (8-8) 7-44, Minnehaha No

6. Grampa Bay (3-13); 7. Kansas City (4-12); 8. Oakland (5-11); 9. Buffalo (6-10); 10. Denver (8-8).

Rout of the week: Cincinnati (10-6) over N.J. Jets (9-7).

Fantasy flops: Quarterback Carson Palmer (Cincinnati), one of 11 passes for one yard with one interception; wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (Cincinnati), 0 catches for 0 yards; running back Michael Bush (Oakland), 10 carries for 18 yards, no touchdowns.

Biggest drop-off from last year: Tampa Bay, which went from 9-7 in 2008 to 3-13 in 2009.

Dishonorable mention: Cleveland (5-11), which won its last four games, was expelled from the Bottom Ten rankings this week and will have to sit out the first week of next year’s Bottom Ten.