For the record

Pullman porter: An article in the July 5 LATExtra section about Lee Wesley Gibson, a former Pullman porter, said the USA Retirement Railway Board was among those that sent cards, certificates of recognition or gifts marking Gibson’s 100th birthday. The group’s name is the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board. The article also said that Gibson was the oldest surviving Pullman porter. Benjamin Cooper Isaacs, 105, of Victorville has since come forward to claim that title. Isaacs started his railway career in April 1936 and retired in December 1968, according to the retirement board and the Chicago-based Newberry Library.

BankSimple: An article in Thursday’s Business section about BankSimple, a new Internet banking firm, said that conventional banks collect at least $24 million a year in overdraft fees. The amount is $24 billion. Also, the article said Alex Payne was a co-founder of Twitter Inc. He is not; Payne, a former Twitter employee, was brought on as a co-founder of BankSimple.

‘Thurgood’: In Friday’s Calendar section, a review of the play “Thurgood” at the Geffen Playhouse referred to Langston Hughes as a Howard University schoolmate of Thurgood Marshall. They were classmates at Lincoln University.

Los Angeles River designation: An article in Thursday’s LATExtra section about the U.S. EPA designation of the Los Angeles River as “traditional navigable waters” said that a 4-acre soft-bottom section of Compton Creek was acquired with $1.5 million of Proposition 8 funds and that it is controlled by a joint powers entity of the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy. The section was acquired with $1.5 million of Proposition A funds and is controlled by the joint powers entity Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

George Brown obituary: In the obituary of Holocaust survivor George Brown in the July 2 LATExtra section, the name of the Nazi labor camp Wolfsberg was misspelled as Wolsberg. Also, the article gave the location of Wolfsberg and the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as Poland, but it should have noted that the country was under Nazi occupation and that the camps were German-run.

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