For the record - June 11, 2010


Restaurant review: A caption accompanying a review of Patina in Thursday’s Food section identified Christian Philippo as a server. He is the restaurant’s general manager.

Beauty column: In a Sunday Image article about hyaluronic acid, a skin-care ingredient and injectable filler, Dr. Nowell Solish was quoted as saying that if people change their minds after receiving an injection, there is an anecdote. It should have quoted him as saying there is an antidote.

Venice polling problems: A photo caption in Wednesday’s Section A accompanying an article about election day problems at a Venice polling station identified a voter as Lisa Jack and her daughter as Miranda Binschadler. Their names are Lisa Jackson and Miranda Bindschadler.

SeaWorld: An article in Tuesday’s LATExtra section about the death of a SeaWorld Orlando killer whale during childbirth incorrectly described survival rates of orca calves in captivity. It reported a SeaWorld official as saying that the park’s rate of stillbirths was significantly lower than the rate in the wild and that the park considers a birth successful when the calf is a year old. There are no authoritative figures on the number of orca stillbirths in the wild. The correct comparison is the one-year survival rate; SeaWorld says its one-year rate is better than that of wild calves.

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