NFL Bottom Ten: Horror show continues for Dallas Cowboys

Every game day is a horror show for the Dallas Cows, so it was no wonder that they were dismantled, 17-35, by mediocre Jacksonville on Halloween.

The Cows rumbled for all of 50 yards in 22 carries, and one carry in particular symbolized their ineptitude. On fourth and one on the Jaguars' one-yard-line, Cows quarterback Jon Kitna handed off to Marion Barber, who was hit by … Jon Kitna.

The accidental collision helped Jacksonville stop Barber short of the goal line.

Speculation has it that the hard-hitting Kitna will be switched to middle linebacker this week.

On a positive note, are you thrilled by the play of the 4-4 Raiders? Raiders fans aren't. Just 35,721 of them showed up Sunday for the 33-3 win over Seattle. Of course, maybe they had somewhere else to go. Remember, it was Halloween.

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Dallas (1-6): 17-35, Jacksonville; Green Bay

2. Buffalo (0-7): 10-13, Kansas City (OT)*; Chicago

3. Denver (2-6): 16-24, San Francisco; Idle

4. Cleveland (2-5): Idle; New England

5. Minnehaha (2-5): 18-28, New England; Arizona

6. Carolina (1-6); 7. Cincinnati (2-5); 8. Seattle (4-3); 9. Arizona (3-4); 10. Washington Coach Mike Shanahan's two-minute drill.

International bottom ten: 1. Denver (0-1), after loss to 49ers in London.

* "OT" is short for "offenses terrible."

Crummy game of the weak: Arizona (3-4) at Minnehaha (2-5).

Rout of the weak: New England (6-1) over Cleveland (2-5).

Fantasy flops: Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle), 13 of 32 passes for 160 yards, one interception, no touchdowns; running back Felix Jones (Dallas), eight carries for 22 yards, no touchdowns; wide receiver Randy Moss (in his memorable final game with Minnehaha), one catch, eight yards, no touchdowns.

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