Clippers' Randy Foye and Baron Davis are playing catch-up

A tale of two (injured) guards.

Randy Foye and Baron Davis stayed long after the rest of their teammates left a shootaround the other day in Denver, working with coaches and trainers and doing what they could to catch up.

Foye also spent Saturday afternoon at the Utah Jazz practice complex, using the facility to treat and test his injured left hamstring, running in water and lifting weights.

"I need some practice time, and these back-to-backs aren't helping us," Foye said.

The tricky hamstring has him deferring to the Clippers' trainers because it is a new injury.

"They say Corey Maggette had it a few times, and I'm just trying to go for their feedback because it felt pretty good," Foye said. "I just want to know if I go out there and get going, it won't happen again."

There is no timetable for the return of Foye or Davis, who has been dealing with a swollen left knee and a cyst behind the knee.

Foye feels as though he has been out for a long time even though the season is inWeek 2, saying, "It seems like the fifth week."

Davis is facing his own issues. In separate sessions with AOL Fanhouse and The Times, he spoke about a lingering knee injury. In the latter interview, he said it may have bothered him even before 2006.

Why not come forward before with such information?

"He just asked me a question," Davis said Friday night. "I didn't really want to tell him. Just like I really don't want to tell you because, hey, it's just something that I have to deal with. And if I'm out there playing, there's no reason for me to make an excuse about it.

"That's why I don't want to say anything. I'd rather not just say anything for the rest of the season. I'd rather not even speak."

Davis had an MRI exam on the knee before the season, typical for a team to get a baseline on a player for the season. There were no plans at this time for another one, and Davis was asked about the prospect of surgery.

"That's really like a medical thing," said Davis, who also reported that the knee is improving. "If it continues to happen like this, I'm pretty sure that some type of measurement has to be taken. But I feel like if I'm 70%, I can get out there and play. If I can run up and down the floor, I can disguise it and I can play.

"Even though it's not playing to the best of my abilities, my full explosiveness, I still think that I can be out there and do some things to help the team."

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