NFL Bottom Ten: Dallas' spin to the bottom continues

"I think we can go nine in a row," Dallas receiver Roy Williams said before the Cows' game against Green Bay.

If Williams meant nine consecutive losses, he could be right. The Cows went out and fell 7-45 to the Pack to run their record to 1-7. Only eight more losses to go.

Dallas was penalized at one point for having 12 players on the field. The refs conferred and briefly considered allowing the Cows to use 12 on every play to make the game a bit more even.

Meanwhile, newcomer quarterback Charlie Whitehurst led No. 5 Seattle to a 7-41 loss to the New Jersey Giants. The first completion of his career early in the game actually left Whitehurst with fewer lifetime passing yards in the NFL than any grandmother in the stands. The pass went for a loss, leaving him with a lifetime total of minus-three yards, or three less than zero.

Wreck (W-L); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Dallas (1-7); 7-45, Green Bay; N.J. Giants

2. Carolina (1-7); 3-34, New Orleans; Tampa Bay

3. Buffalo (0-8); 19-22, Chicago; Detroit

4. Denver (2-6); Bye; Kansas City

5. Seattle (4-4); 7-41, N.J. Giants; Arizona

6. San Francisco (2-6); 7. Detroit (2-6); 8. Cincinnati (2-6); 9. Cleveland (3-5); 10. Arizona (3-5).

International bottom ten: 1. Denver (0-1 in London); 2. Buffalo (0-1 in Toronto).

Rout of the weak: New Jersey Giants (6-2) over Dallas (1-7).

Crummy game of the weak: Detroit (2-6) at Buffalo (0-8).

Say it ain't so, Al: With one more victory, the Raiders (5-4) would snap an NFL-record streak of seven straight years of 11 or more losses.

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