Mediator in McCourt case is scheduled to propose settlement

Frank and Jamie McCourt are expected to return to Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, when the mediator working on their divorce case is scheduled to propose what he believes would be a fair settlement.

Judge Peter Lichtman, the mediator, is expected to meet in separate closed sessions with each of the McCourts and his or her attorneys. The mediation process is confidential, so the settlement proposal is not expected to be released publicly.

The conclusion of mediation is expected to trigger the court ruling that could determine who owns the Dodgers. Frank has asked the court to uphold an agreement that specifies he is sole owner of the team; Jamie has asked the court to invalidate that agreement.

Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon has until Dec. 28 to rule, but he also has encouraged both sides to settle. It is unlikely that both parties will accept the mediator’s proposal, thus paving the way for Gordon to issue his ruling.