NFL Bottom 10: Washington makes its way to the top

First it was announced that Washington gave quarterback Donovan McNabb a five-year, $78-million contract extension, the most given to a man who lacks cardiovascular endurance.

Then it was revealed that if McNabb is released at the end of the season he actually will get only $3.75 million.

At this rate, by Sunday, he will be paying Washington to play.

His signing so inspired the Skinned that they went out and posted a 0-for-10 mark on third-down conversions en route to a 28-59 pasting by the Philadelphia Eagles.


 Wreck (W-L); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Washington (4-5); 28-59, Philadelphia; Tennessee

2. Carolina (1-8); 16-31, Tampa Bay; Baltimore

3. Detroit (2-7); 12-14, Buffalo; Dallas


4. Dallas (2-7); Def. N.J. Giants, 33-20; Detroit

5. Minnehaha (3-6); 13-27, Chicago; Green Bay

6. Buffalo (1-8); 7. Cincinnati (2-7); 8. Denver (3-6); 9. Arizona (3-6); 10. Houston (4-5).

Rout of the weak: Green Bay (6-3) over Minnehaha (3-6).

Crummy game of the weak: Detroit (2-7) at Dallas (2-7).

Dishonorable mention: Detroit couldn’t even beat a winless team (Buffalo) on Sunday, losing its 25th straight road game, an NFL record.