For the record

Jose Rodriguez: In the Nov. 25 LATExtra section, the obituary of Jose H. Rodriguez, the chef-owner of La Serenata de Garibaldi restaurant in Boyle Heights, said he was the eldest of eight children. Rodriguez was the eldest of nine. He had seven brothers and one sister.

Atlanta streetcars: An article in the Nov. 28 Section A about a plan to build a streetcar line in central Atlanta said that a downtown improvement district would pay $10 million to help fund the project. The improvement district will pay $20 million.

Pottery lab: An article in the Nov. 27 Section A about a controversy over a plan to contract out the pottery lab in Boulder, Colo., implied that Emilie Parker, who bid on the contract, referred to the city as the People's Republic of Boulder. She did not. The article should have said that many people refer to the city by that nickname.

NFL Week 12: In the Nov. 29 Sports section, the wrap-up for Week 12 in the National Football League included a summary of the 36-33 victory by the St. Louis Rams over the Denver Broncos. However, the logo depicted for the Rams was that of the previous team in St. Louis, the Cardinals, who now make their home in Arizona.

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